Dr. Linah Boit

Dr. Linah Boit (Phd)

Dr. Boit is a visionary leader who advocates for increase of shareholder value through improvement of operational efficiencies and maximum utilization of available resources. She is well versed with principles of corporate governance and is very keen in implementation of sound business practices in organizations.  Her competencies, skills, education and experience have enabled her to serve in senior management positions for over twenty (20) years in various organizations. She holds a Doctorate Degree from Kabarak University; Master’s in Business Administration and Bachelor of Education, both from Moi University. In addition, she is a certified accountant by ACCA United Kingdom. She has also undertaken courses in corporate governance, leadership, risk management, data analytics, among others. She currently serves in various committees at the national level all of which are geared towards empowering small business enterprises. This, coupled with her skills and experience, Dr. Boit brings a wealth of opportunities to Dot Capital Limited.

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